A Little Thing Called LOVE...

well this is the first official blog of the Hainsworth's history! my name is tara petersen hainsworth born and raised in provo/ logan utah. lived a wonderful life with my wonderful family. enjoyed every minute of the high school experience graduated with flying colors and went off to hair school! finished school in as quick as 13 months!! i've been a hair stylist for almost a year and a half now... crazy. january i met the man of my dreams at the wonderful resturaunt of mimi's cafe and my life changed for forever! i fell hard and i fell fast, he was the one! his name is mr. eric dee hainsworth. the best thing that ever happened to me we fell in love and then before we knew it we were married for all time and eternity! for forever...it was crazy to imagine it then but now i'm not sure if that's long enough! i don't know what i'd do without him!!
we got married in salt lake city utah on september 5th, 2009! and a few months later we found ourselves in the amazing place called scottsdale, arizona and we are living the newlywed dream! as of last month we were eating on the floor for a few weeks, with no furniture in an empty beautiful one bedroom one bathroom apartment. we now have successfully purchased our first beautiful table and couch!!! it's the funnest adventure i've had yet! i am starting all over with my career as a hair stylist and hopefully it will begin january 26th at dolce salon and spa. i have my second interview tomorrow! wish me luck! eric is working at silverleaf golf club as an intern for the pgm aka professional golf managment program!! we love golf! we are so excited for all the adventures scottsdale has to offer! so let's get started!!