Grandma Cookies Family Mexican Riviera Cruise

We just got back from the most amazing, relaxing, family filled vacation! We got the most amazing opportunity to go on a cruise with Eric's family! We had the chance to get to know a lot of Eric's family that I never had. We spent 7 days on the Carnival Splendor Cruise. Day 1: Fun day at Sea, we just relaxed, layed out by the pool, started eating food (it seems like it never stopped) Day 2: Cabo San Lucas, We took a glass bottom boat ride to tour all the beaches and see the fish underneath us! It was very cool. We stopped at a beach and laid out and swam in the beautiful blue ocean. Day 3: Cabo San Lucas, Eric and I decided that we just wanted to get into town and see what it's like. We found some cool markets and I got some 100% Vanilla (yum) and I got 2 really pretty salsa bowls! 2 for $7! Eric definitely is the negotiator in this family (if it wasn't for him I would be nervous to look them in the eye and just take their first offer. ha) We stopped at the most amazing street taco place and ordered the best tasting tacos I've ever had... BUT a few hours later it hit us. We both got pretty sick but I definitely got it worse. I was sick the whole night and the entire next day! It was miserable... Day 4: Puerto Viarta Eric's amazing parents had bought us 2 excursions for Zip Lining unfortunately I threw up in the middle of a conversation with Tiffany Hunter ha on our way there... ha (that's so embarrassing every time i think about it.) So I ended up sitting at the end of the zipline with Grandma Cookie. As sad as I was to miss the zip line I had the most amazing time talking with grandma. I felt like I was able to have a chance one-on-one to get to know her on a totally different level and I am so grateful that I did. Even tho It was 97 degrees and 95% humidity my face was pale white and I was dripping in sweat, running to the bathroom every 10 minutes... I was so happy to get a chance to know her and she is an amazing woman and I am so lucky to call her grandma cookie! :) Not long after Grandpa John came down from the cruise and it still amazes me that he did 11 ziplines and he still had so much fun energy. I really enjoyed sitting next to them and talking with them more. He is an amazing man and he treats just like his own. We really appreciate all he does for everyone. That was one of my most memorable moments out of the whole week. Eric and the whole family had an amazing time zip lining except for the fact that they were so hot. It was a fun day... ish. Eric and I went straight back to the boat i took a freezing cold shower and fell asleep. Day 5: Fun day at sea, another relaxing, laying out by the pool, day. We went to the Love Game Show and somehow we all managed to get Jennifer and Mark (my mother and father in law) to get up on stage as the 2nd longest marriage couple. It was so fun to watch them answer some of the intimate, inappropriate, fun, exciting and happy questions. Marks reactions were to die for. I was so glad to see where 29 years of marriage will put you. And they are more in love today than the day they got married, you can tell that they love each other more than even just the day before. It was so much fun. Day 6: Fun Day at Sea, another relaxing day BUT... the sun was not out and it was windy, so we stayed in and played spoons! This is one of my other favorite memories... Even though Eric's family really got to get to know me on a different level (they learned about my competitiveness)NOT my best suit... :/ But it was so much fun. Even though I never won... :( Day 7: We left. It was an amazing trip! And I do not think that I can not say thank you enough to our amazing Grandma Cookie and Grandpa John! They are amazing grandparents and we are so lucky to have them. This trip was so memorable and it will be something that we will never forget!

Last Utah Trip 2011

Well I know it's ridiculous that i'm finally adding photos of our last trip home in June but I figured i'd put a few up while i'm at it! We had an amazing trip! We got to spend so much time with family. We stayed a few days in Provo with Eric's family, cousins, aunts, uncles and Grandmas and Grandpas first and then we drove up to see my family in Logan! It always feels so good to see the ones we love and never see so we feel rejuvinated and caught up on things... for now! Can't wait till we make another one! But everyone has to come see us first!!! (that was a threat...)


Last New York...

Okay so let me know (family...) if you want more pics, I'll e-mail. But I figured this was plenty ha. Hope you all enjoy! I alread wanna go back! Loves, TARA

cont... New York

And... here are some action shots!!

New York, "Redken Exchange"!!

Okay so here are the pictures of my work trip to New York that I've promised soo many that I'd put up! This was the most inspiring experience of MY LIFE! We left for the trip on Sunday March 13th for the Redken Exchange, We only attended one specific class called "Cut and Know Why"I was so lucky to have been able to go and the girls I went with were so fun. Here are some pics of the salon. It was located on 5th Avenue! I honestly felt like I was in the middle of a movie scene the whole 5 days!

Temple with Lori!

Hey Everyone... So here are some of the things that I've actually gotten pictures of in the past month! I got to go to the Mesa Temple with my aunt Lori and Grandparents for the first time! It was an amazing experience to be apart of and I loved spending time with my amazing grandparents. (I never get too becuase no one comes to visit that often...;) Eric had to work but he made it right as we were walking out! Having experiences like these really makes me realize how greatful for every second that I get with my family. I always took it for granted when I lived just down the street. I've learned what is important in life (or what should be...) And I just hope and pray everyday for more experiences like these. My aunt Lori has been a savior for me since Eric and I moved out here. I consider her one of my "sisters" and I don't know what I'd do without her. She's an amazing women and she's becomes who she is by many rewarding, trying, challenging, and exciting experiences. I only hope one day to become a person like her. I love you Lori, you mean so much to me and I've loved getting to know you on such a different level. You have a special spot in my heart and I've been able to get as close to you as I wish I could with every family member. You're an amazing example to me and, well I just Love ya,


boyce avenue concert

Last night we went to boyce avenue's concert at the Duce in Phoenix! It was an amazing group I was mesmorized! Everyone should look them up! Great group! Thanks to Tiffany for introducing us!