boyce avenue concert

Last night we went to boyce avenue's concert at the Duce in Phoenix! It was an amazing group I was mesmorized! Everyone should look them up! Great group! Thanks to Tiffany for introducing us!

We have visitors! Jason and Tiffany came to visit us from Provo, Utah (aka freezing cold snowy weather) Ha, even though it's a little rainy this weekend it's still better than below freezing :) The first night they took us to my newest most favorite resturant TRUE FOODS!! I'm officially obssesed! I even had a dream about the food that night... I think that's LOVE. Ha.

Valentines Day

Hey everyone! Well here is an update on our V-day! We stayed home and Barbequed! Yay, Eric went and picked up new york strip at AJ's and we watched a the movie "When in Rome". It was super fun!

Here is Paisley begging for our yummy food of course! She will sit there just like this for the entire meal. Haha, This is one of my gifts for Eric! My jar of reasons why I love him! Ha, I tried being cute this year... It was fun if anything.

Here is Eric with our meal, Eric did the Grilling and I did the rest. It was such a fun, Low key Valentines day! I love my husband sooo much! He let me order some cute things for the house for my gift! I'm sooo excited to get them in the mail! Best Husband EVER!


Okay guys, that's right i'm on a ROLL, twice in one week i know! How exciting I just wanted to blog about my first successful SUPER BOWL PARTY... Oh yeah :) We had a few friends (Besties! Kylee and Chaisson, Shayla and Kolten, and Chelsea and Nick) over for food, football, fun and of course some Glee afterwards?... Ha

Misses Paisley took a nap before the party got started, ha! How cute is her football bow!? I just love her so much.

Here are the boys chowing down on the grub! Super yummy!

Okay, so here's the breakdown of my day... I made rump roast Beef Sandwiches, Seven Layer Bean Dip, Yummy Fruit Salad, Brownies, and Mine and Kylee's favorite No-Bake Cookies! Chaisson Kylee's amazing husband made Wings, Velveeta Cheese Dip, and Brauntwertz Hot Dogs. So Much Food!!

YUMMY! Ha, Well it was fun to watch the game I always check out at about after half time... Black Eyed Peas and Usher... Crazy. I just thing Fergie is not so good at singing live... I lied... Ever. She just drives me nuts but it was a crazy show. The Green Bay Packers won which we didn't really care to much for who was playing but it was fun to watch. We watched the new Glee after too! Can't go wrong with Glee. We made new friends tonight! Shayla and Kolten from our ward, we had a ton of fun and look forward to hanging out again! Well I hope you all had a fun SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!! We sure did. We are so blessed with our friends that we have made here in AZ!


Barbie Comencement

Well, can you believe it?!! (i know i know...) I'm finally blogging! Yay! And, I actually have something exciting to blog about! I work at this amazing salon and since ive been there for a year it was my turn to do Comencement! Definition of Comencement: To design and construct my very own mini hair show. Including theme, music, models (4) hair styles, clothing, and make-up. To perform infront of every stylist that works at all locations! My theme: Barbie (of course...), Music: Barbie Girl (Aqua, 1997 classic song) My models: Husband; Eric aka Golf Ken, Aunt Lori; Housewife Barbie, BF Alex; Fashionista Barbie, Co-Worker Stephanie Michelle; Rocker Barbie. I added pics so I hope you all enjoy!